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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everything going as planned - almost

(Craig) Well, with truck and trailer in hand, we are ready to go! Ok, not quite......
There are a few things that we must attend to. As for me, I just started helping out at a liquor store. Helps putting some spare change in the bank! That job will be easy to part with when the time comes. Oh, we are shooting for a departure date of April 15th (Tax Day - Runaway). Karin is a stockbroker....heavy stress there!! So she is ready to depart and give this a try.
We are meeting with a property management company tonight to see if Karin's condo can be rented for enough to cover (or come close to covering) the mortgage.
I picked up the trailer yesterday. The Durango pulls it well! Very nice drive! Took the trailer to the storage lot that we WERE going to store it at. The manager wouldn't let me store it without plates (c'mon, I just bought it....I have a sales receipt). That's ok, went about a block to Prospect Park RV Campground and met Nancy. She said "no problem" to store it, as long as it's moved by the end of April.
And even cheaper than the other storage lot that turned me away :)
We will probably go and mess with the trailer this weekend. Take it to a big parking lot and practice backing. Some campgrounds have "pull-thru" sites that you can drive straight thru and unhook the trailer. Then there are the ones that you need to back into. I figure that I'll get some I don't end up being the local comedy show for the seasoned RV'ers as I try over and over to back the trailer up straight :)

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