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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FaceBook and the Scott Brown Trail

(Craig) I just joined FaceBook (FB) this past November. Karin has been on FB for some time now. It's been a wonderful way to keep in touch with my local friends that I've lost track of since I met Karin. To all of those friends....I apologize. And please don't blame Karin. That's just love. When we met, we both felt that, for some reason, we had so much catching up to do :)
FaceBook has opened up another door. You see, in my teen years, I grew up and worked at a skating rink in Tucson, Arizona. Many of us that worked at, or skated at Skate Country have found each other through FB. It's been a wonderful experience talking to people that you haven't spoken to in 30 years. While some of my friends still live in Tucson, others have relocated to other parts of the country.....Nevada, Missouri, Texas, California and other states. So I will keep each and every one of them in mind as we plan each leg of our trip.
So in my last blog, I mentioned that we were initially looking to head to Minnesota, which would take us through Nebraska and South Dakota. Well, that has changed.
One of my friends from Skate Country, Scott Brown, left a message on FB for me concerning that blog entry. The message was:

Hey here's a suggestion drive south! LOL!!
With Scott living near Dallas, Texas.....I knew what he meant.

Colorado in April can be a bit tricky. Blizzard one day and 60+ degrees the next. And we are heading North? Ok, Scott you have a point! Plus, more importantly....Karin agrees with you ;)
Here we go.....Plan B....and we'll call it the "Scott Brown Trail".
So, South to Dallas, Texas via Amarillo. Then North to Minnesota, through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. We'll get more specific as it becomes clearer. Thanks Scott! This should make the trip a bit warmer.
So much left to do, but things seem to be falling into place. The property management company is coming tomorrow to take pics for renting out the house. Here are some other things that we are looking into and will let you know as we decide: GPS? Bank Accounts? Mail? Generator? Computer/Laptop? Printer? Roadside Assistance? Insurance for vehicle,trailer,rental property,health,umbrella policies? RV ownership/discount clubs? Cell phones? Online access? I'm probably leaving out a couple of things.

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  1. I think you made a good choice going south for your first trip. I don't know how much RVing you have done but, with a new rig you will find all kinds of thing you need to have or do with it. You don't need the hassel of the freezing temperatures and freezing up lines and tanks to go with the rest of the learning process.

    We thought we were ready in september for the road. When we hit the road we found things that we never thought of. Had the lugs break off one of the wheels on the 5ver. Had a deer run into the side of the 5ver. Even though it sounds bad it is just things that make memories as you go.

    Have a good road side assistance plan and it makes life easier. Each time something happened we looked at each other with fear of what now. Then after a call to Good Sams Road Side Assistance we just laughed and marked it up as memory.

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