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Monday, April 5, 2010

Texans are great!

(Craig/Karin) Well, Texas blows! Ok, we're just talking about the fierce winds (gusting 50+mph) that we encountered from the panhandle to the Dallas area. We pulled into the Shady Creek RV park in Aubrey, Texas just north of Dallas. This place just opened this past December. Very nice and clean.
Scott and Shawna stopped by to have us follow them to a local Mexican restaurant. It was great to see Scott! 30+ years had gone by. He is looking good and in great shape. What a beautiful family! His wife Shawna is just so sweet and kind. They have four unique and wonderful kids. The food was great and the company priceless.
The next day, Scott treated us to a 15 mile bike ride through some of the suburbs and countryside near us. Craig really wanted to break out the Lance Armstrong pace, but He didn't want to embarrass anyone :)
That night the Browns (ok Shawna) cooked us up some brisket. Then Scott and I went into the reminisce mode. Kinda strange how we can remember so many things from so long ago. Then we got onto the subject of our own current health. I asked Scott later if we ever thought during our teenage years that we'd still be in touch and discussing each other's colonoscopy.
We wanted to return the hospitality that these Texans had offered us, so we took them to a local steakhouse, the Prairie House. Excellent sweet potato fries! After dinner, we discussed a cruise for next year, and then said our goodbyes.
So far, knock on wood, no problems with the truck or trailer. Ok, well we did have some water squirting out of the fresh water connection one time, but that was fixed with a little teflon tape. Duct tape and teflon tape are you best friends when on the road. :) Oh, and when you're moving stuff around under the bed, next to your fresh water tank....make sure you don't accidentally bump the tanks drain valve. It'll kinda surprise you when you arrive at your next stop.
We left on Easter morning heading towards Durant, Oklahoma. Another friend from years ago, Marcie, lives there. Unfortunately, we could not get together, so we will hopefully see her on the return trip. We parked in a casino parking lot for the evening. Choctaw casino is very large. We actually became somewhat dizzy with the size of the place. We played some slots. We lost a little bit of money, but not much. It was our first "boondocking" (without facilities) at a casino. A little loud up front near the highway, so we pulled around to the rear. was much quieter until the trains went by :)
Our next stop is Grand Lake O' the Cherokees in the Northeast corner of Oklahoma. We may stay a couple of nights there, depending upon the scenery and cost. We are slowly making our way to Minnesota to see Karin's Father. We'll write some more from Grand Lake. Chow!

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