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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Camp Graveyard

(Craig/Karin) We woke up in Durant, Oklahoma and decided to get some coffee at the casino before we departed. Hey...look, Craig just happened to bring along $10 :) We split it and off we went to try a quick machine or two. Within about 30 minutes, we had tripled our money, which nearly wiped out our losses from the night before. We pocketed the money and headed North.

Another windy drive, but it was a very beautiful one. We were heading to the Pine Island RV Resort in Jay, Oklahoma. As we were nearing the resort, Craig met a flying friend. Ok, it's kinda funny now....but it really wasn't when it happened. If Craig tells the story, then it would be that a foot long wasp flew into the window and attacked him! It was a large wasp...and it did fly into his hair...and the panic attack began. He did knock it to the floor. Then, while driving, he cracked the driver's door open to get it out. Well, that didn't work. So as it crawled up his leg, he swatted it. End of story.

Our GPS decided to take us into the resort via a very "scenic" route. You know that you came in the back way when the camp host proclaims "Wow, you really came in that way? You must be using a GPS".

The 10 mile shortcut was full of sharp curves and short/steep hills, or as Karin says: "Ravines". I guess that's Oklahoma's version of a roller coaster. :)

Pine Island Resort was very beautiful and very empty. We had the place to ourselves. Many white tail deer, a muskrat or two, hawks and one pesky owl that was eyeing our cats for breakfast were our only neighbors. We titled this blog as "Camp Graveyard" because there were several deserted rental trailers. They looked a bit spooky. One night, we thought we heard music at one of these trailers. We went outside and saw lights on inside the trailer and people talking. As we walked closer to see what was going on, the lights went out. No more voices. No more music. We peeked inside to just see dusty old furniture that was straight from the '50s.

Ok, we are pulling your leg :) Did we get your attention? No, we didn't hear music or voices. But they were still spooky!

Craig took a spill on his bike! His bike is new. When we bought it, the salesman supposedly took it back for "inspection and adjustments". Well, the handlebar came loose and fell off! It was only his 2nd time on the bike. Thank goodness it didn't happen on the hill we went down just moments before. He got a bump on the shin. We walked the bikes back to camp and tightened up the handlebar. All went well after that.

The next day we drove into Grove, Oklahoma. We spent time at the Har-Ber Village museum. Many antiques were on display. Next, we had some home made sweet potato fries and coconut cream pie at the cafe next door.

We did take a couple of pictures overlooking the lake at Pine Island. This lake is called Grand Lake O' the Cherokees. Very big and beautiful. I'll try to attach those.

So after 2 nights, we are now heading up to Lyndon, Kansas. That's our next stop. The Santa Fe Trail is nearby. We hope to do some more hiking and biking there. We have heard that there was snow in Denver. Hopefully, it misses us :)

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