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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now, we GOTTA get out!

Well, here's a quick picture of the rig. We had a weight distribution hitch and sway bar installed.

(Craig) Do you remember my last blog? The mother and daughter(s) that had me trapped in the basement in my robe? Messy house? Cat puke? My Unabomber look? Maybe I should write a book titled "How to rent out your home". Yes, the mom and daughters applied that day. The property management company contacted us last Friday, highly suggesting that we accept them as tenants. And this past Monday, the lease was signed. They move in April 1st. No turning back now...... we gotta get out!
I gave my 2 weeks notice at work. I do have a friend that is going to jump in and take my position. It's a rather easy job, working at the liquor store. I'm gonna miss my coworkers! Great guys! Great owner too. And I'll miss some of the regulars: Jeff, Smiles, Rafael, Tex and last but not least, Sasha.
What did I learn while at the store? Budweiser is (at least there) still the "King of Beers". The 90 proof peppermint schnapps must be chilled. They still got Boone's Farm and MadDog 20/20 on the shelf ( please excuse the gagging noise from my teen years). Here in colorado, if you (the employee) sell to someone underage, then you and the store owner are both ticketed. Employee fines are hefty. I've been told $5K-$7.5K. Ouch. Store owner, $25K-$50K! So I'm carding everyone! "Sorry lady, I card everybody!! Now set aside your cane and show me some ID".
Back to Workamping. We are nearly there....almost ready to go. Need to sell Karin's car, and also the household belongings. I have someone that will come by and make a bid on the furniture.
We switched to Geico for insurance on the truck and trailer. The trailer has a "fulltimers" policy on it. Since we'll be living in it "full time", we must cover it as such.
The next big thing that is coming up is that my son, Josh, is heading back to Iraq for his second tour. The date is up in the air, but he's looking at leaving within the next two weeks. He's a tanker in the Army. He is my pride and joy. His girlfriend just left and went back to Thailand. I know that was tough on him. And now he prepares to leave himself. Once he gets back from this tour...he's done. I can't wait.

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  1. Tell your son thank you for us. My son is just finishing his 3rd tour in Iraq. Denise's son is getting ready for a tour in Afganistan. His 3rd tour also.


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