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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year! We hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. On that note, it is time for us to change the title of our blog to 2011. So let's begin where we left off. is NOT for the weak or weary. The bottom line is.....we worked our arses off! Yes, that is just the simplest way to put it. 55 to 60 hours per week. Lots of mileage and exercise! But, in the end, we made it! We both agree that the pros at this job outweigh the cons. The cons were just the hours worked and the "colder than expected" weather that we had to deal with. The pros were....again the hours worked, the weather, the pay including bonus, the free site with full hook-ups, the free lunches, the wonderful people that we met, and the friendships that have been established. The hours worked actually helped us lose some weight and exercise some muscles. The bad weather taught us how to overcome some difficult situations when living in an RV amongst freezing temperatures. So anyone that may be thinking about working at seasonally, get yourself mentally and physically prepared. As for us, we do plan to return next year.

We finished up on the 23rd of December, saying goodbye to friends and exchanging email addresses. The RV was packed and ready to go. We pulled out the next morning. Our destination was Edenton, North Carolina to spend the holidays with family. We stayed in Asheville, NC on Christmas Eve. We awoke Christmas morning to a bit of ice on the road. Craig was a little nervous, but we found some trucks spreading salt on the highway and followed them. That afternoon, about two hours from Edenton.....BOOM.....a flat tire on the Durango. Have you ever heard of someone that's "not a happy camper"? That was Craig's profile at that very moment. He began singing a sarcastic "Jingle Bells" that would give Cartman from South Park a run for his money. As he unloaded the rear of the Durango to access the spare tire, Karin calmly dodged the items as they flew through the air. Evetually the tire got changed...but wait....the pressure in the spare is too low. And here's a bonus: no air compressor. Sigh.
Now here is where we throw a "plug" in for a service that we have. It is emergency travel insurance that we have to cover both the Durango and camper. It is called Coach-Net. Craig called them (remember, this is Christmas Day). They had someone there within 40 minutes to pump up our tire! Oh happy day!!
So we arrived at Craig's parents house. Christmas lights and decorations galore. After a long journey, Christmas turned out to be beautiful.
We were planning to run to Virginia to pick up Craig's son Josh and his brother DJ the next day. Well, it starting snowing, and it didn't stop until the day after. So with 10 inches of snow, which this area hasn't seen for 30 years, we had to wait a few days to go and get them.
Craig finally did pick them up and it was a wonderful gathering. It is rather rural here in Edenton, but it seems like both Josh and DJ enjoyed the rest and relaxation. It was rather short-lived, as they went back to Virginia. Josh was on the way back to Iraq, with only a few months left there. And DJ, with guitar in hand, promised Grandpa to stop into a recruiting station to talk to the Coast Guard.

So what now? Well, now we are just looking for work. We'd like to go South, if possible. We just prefer to have things lined up before hitting the road. So we may stay in NC for a bit and see what comes up. It's a little cold here now. But now that we're a little more "seasoned" on the cold weather, it actually feels pretty comfy.

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