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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Five

(Craig/Karin) In Indiana we decided to boondock in the Hoosier National Forest. There were several campgrounds in the area, most were Indiana state run parks that cost $25-$30 a night. We decided to find a place where we can save some money. The Charles Deams Wilderness Area was just that. The area was very secluded. The camp was in a large grassy area, surrounded by dense forest. There were four horse trailers parked, and also some groups of turkey hunters. It's turkey season!

We parked and setup camp for the evening. We sat outside and watched the glow of the thousands of fireflies within the forest. Very cool. It's beautiful out here. We haven't seen fireflies in years.

The next day, we visited Karin's niece, Megan, and her boyfriend Ben in Bloomington Indiana. She informed us that it's "Little Five" week, and huge parties would be occurring. "Little Five" is the short term for the Little 500, which occurs every year at Indiana University. It's a huge bicycle relay race, named after the infamous Indianapolis 500. The week leading up to the race is filled with many events and huge parties. Remember the movie "Breaking Away"? The cutters? Great movie from the 70's! That movie was about the Little Five.

Before the parties started, Megan invited us to her dance performance. We watched belly dancers, fencers and then came Megan. Her group performed a dance about African culture. Wow! Energetic and explosive!! We were exhausted after watching the show. After this, we made our way back to Megan and Ben's house and the parties had already begun.

This Little Five party was not just at one house. Nor just one block. This was at every house that had a student in it! Whoa!! When Craig and Ben hiked to the liquor store for beer, houses had kids crawling all over them! Someone parked a school bus in their driveway....the bus was full of people and probably another 20 or so were on top of it. Sofas lined the sidewalks. Music blasted the air. Ahhhh, the future of our country looks bright! We stayed till 2:00 am and had a blast! We are not big drinkers, but it was very fun to watch the partying indoors and out.

The next day Karin's sister, Sherry flew in from Denver. Sherry, Megan's mother is an experienced Morel mushroom hunter. Craig never heard of mushroom hunting, but wanted to share the excitement. He offered to take Sherry back to our camp to hike the trails. Craig found two mushrooms, the only mushrooms that could be found. Sherry believed there would be more popping after the rain stopped and the sun came out. But it did not stop raining while we were there.

We enjoyed Deams Wilderness and family so much we stayed two extra nights and are so glad that we did. Sherry and Megan are so much fun to be around. Megan was such a wonderful host! We were very thankful to use her shower.

Our next stop is somewhere near Cincinnati, Ohio. Karin's maiden name is Wiedemann. Does anyone recall Wiedemann Beer? Karin's great, great grandfather brewed this beer in Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. We plan to stop and see where the brewery was.....and what's left.

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